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  • “I regained my focus and now I can write papers for school” – Kyle

  • “I suffered a Concussion after a bad fall on ice. I used to have a photographic memory, but lost most of it in the fall. I had headaches, problems with memory, focus, and attention. After working with Amigo, I regained my focus and am now able to sit down and focus on writing papers for school. I also regained the majority of my photographic memory.”  

  • “My school semester was saved” – Jennifer

  • “I suffered a concussion 2 years ago from a car accident.  I did get better, but then I suffered another concussion during an activity while I was in college.  I was an A student in college, but after this past concussion my grades dropped to C’s and D’s. I was referred to Andrew and after getting evaluated he developed a simple program for me.  Andrew manipulated the program based on his re-evaluation and how much he thought I fatigued. Within 2 weeks my focus and learning comprehension was so much better. I was starting to receive A’s again in my classes.”

Post-Concussion Syndrome

  • “In 2015 I suffered a severe concussion after being hit by a cyclist while jogging.   My head injury resulted in daily headaches and nausea along with fatigue, impaired coordination, loss of focus, and loss of memory. For 5 months I sought treatment from neurology medical practice affiliated with an Ivy League Medical School; the only treatment offered to me was prescription medication to suppress my symptoms.  Once I met Andrew my quality of life started to improve; during my initial evaluation I realized Andrew was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and has a strong desire to help his clients get results. Within 4 weeks his holistic multi-disciplinary program ended my nausea, within 8 weeks my headaches were almost non- existent and my coordination was remarkably improved.  My work with Andrew and his continued support is allowing me to resume a happy and productive life.” – Marie

Concussion and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • “I am a 35-year-old male that suffered a bad concussion playing in an adult Hockey league.  I am a financial analyst by trade. After my concussion I had problems with attention, balance, focus, driving, and memory.  The concussion also affected my emotions to when I am in crowded places, I get extremely stressed and emotional. I did not know what to do.  I tried going to therapy, but my symptoms seemed to get worse. A friend of mine had a son who had a concussion, worked with Andrew and responded really well.  After meeting with Andrew, going through his evaluation, and understanding all my symptoms he said the problem I was having was the area that was imbalanced was too sensitive for exercises. Not to mention, the exercises that I was doing was not specific enough.  He explained that when I was doing any rehab in the imbalanced area the sensitivity and fatigue would just make me worse. We had to look at other specific areas that would be more affective and help the imbalanced area heal. Once we figured out which exercise that was, I started to feel better, my focus and attention improved.  In a short time, my balance and memory were much better. After a certain period, the imbalanced area was healing and I was then able to do direct exercises in that area, which led to further improvement especially in the post-traumatic stress disorder because I was able to be in crowded environments that was not that stressful and emotional.  I was very happy that I decided to work with Andrew and I highly recommend his services.”


Traumatic Brain Injury

  • “My life has improved so much”- Mike

  • “I had a major accident and had a traumatic brain injury which affected by balance, cognition, speech and walking.  After seeing Andrew, he noticed my body’s perception was completely off. His simple, but very specific and targeted exercises were able to help improve my balance, cognition, speech and walking. I feel I have improved so much.”

  • “I am so relieved”- Karen

  • “I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  My main concern was my ability to comprehend.  Before my injury I was able to focus for hours and hours.  After the injury I could not focus for more than 5 minutes at a time.  My work with Andrew helped regain my focus, which helped restore my ability to comprehend. Now I am able to focus for hours at a time.”



  • “My tremor is gone” – Steve

  • “I have stage 1 Parkinson’s and I had a tremor in my right wrist.  I also have a challenging time walking. Andrew helped improve my coordination, gait, and took away the tremor.  I feel so good. After working with Andrew, I went to see my neurologist and my evaluation test from my neurologist improved by 40%.”

  • “My movement is so much better” – Ron

  • “I have Parkinson’s disease.  I have a lot of trouble moving my limbs because my movement has been very slow and rigid.  I was referred to Andrew to help. After working with Andrew, I am now back in the gym 3 times a week, my movement is so much faster, and my coordination is so much better.”



  • “My pain is so much better, and I am playing tennis again.” – Sandra

  • “I had a stroke which affected my balance, coordination and I was always having pain in foot.  I also was fatigued constantly. I worked with my Neurologist the first year after the stroke and I did improve.  However, I was still having some issues with my balance, my coordination and my foot pain. After seeing Andrew, I improved over 90%, my foot pain was gone, my balance was so much better, and I was playing tennis again.”

  • “I regained my memory and improved my speech.” – Steve

  • “I had a stroke that affected my short-term memory especially my verbal memory.  Remembering people’s names that I first met, and my speech were a big challenge. I was referred to Andrew because I heard he had good outcomes with helping people recover from strokes. After working with Andrew my short memory improved by 70% and my speech was significantly better.”


Balance Disorders

  • “I Got My Life Back” – Rowena

  • “I am a 79-year-old female that primarily lives in Scottsdale, Arizona but all of my family lives in New Jersey. I started with a severe sinus infection and was on high dose of anti-biotic. For two weeks, I was on Levaquin. Twenty days after the sinus infection I was diagnosed with severe vertigo and I had to go to the ER. I went through an audiologist test and have a 27% loss of vestibular function in the right ear. Two weeks after I had vertigo I went back to work out with my trainer, and he told me to slow down and focus. I was treated at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona for my sinus infection and I also was treated at the Mayo Clinic for Occupational Therapy for my vestibular imbalance and vertigo. After Occupational Therapy, I left town for 2 months to visit my family in New Jersey. My sinus infection got better, but I was still having problems with my vestibular imbalance and vertigo. During the time I was in New Jersey I was taken to see Andrew by my son. Andrew sat and talked to me for about 30 minutes and he started to work with my hands and eyes and watched me walk. When I walked out of his office, I walked to my car and the fuzziness in my head was gone and it was gone for about 5 weeks. He gave me a couple of simple eye exercises that I did religiously six times a day. By doing the exercises that Andrew gave to me, I got my life back.”

  • “I Was Feeling Encouraged When I Noticed Improvements So Quickly!” – Lenore

  • “An extremely stressful and devastating life event caused my health to deteriorate and I eventually ended up in the hospital with a severe case of shingles and hyponatremia (an imbalance in electrolytes and sodium levels).  After many weeks of medical care, my lab tests normalized, and my strength slowly began to return. However, my balance was left compromised, and I fatigued easily, frequently feeling as if I was about to “tip over”. This forced me to limit my activities and life in general.  Although I was grateful for my recovery from a serious illness, my inability to fully engage in life was worrisome. When I learned about Amigo and his program, it was an easy decision to meet with him since his methods were natural, simple, and not invasive. In a few short weeks, I experienced major improvements in my balance and over-all feeling of well-being.  The exam was easy and the exercises he assigned me were simple. I was feeling encouraged when I noticed improvements so quickly. After only four or five sessions with Amigo, I experienced 90% improvement and am very grateful. It was so easy yet powerful!”


Memory Disorders

  • “Life Changing Memory Results.” – Sam

  • “I am a 76-year-old male that was suffering from poor balance.  I have fell a couple of times and I went to get checked out by my doctor who recommended that I go to physical therapy.  I did go to therapy but was still suffering from balance problems. It was recommended that I see Amigo and look at his approach.  Andrew explained to me the different systems that affect balance. He also explained what system was giving me the most problems. Andrew’s simple exercises made a big difference.  After working with his program, I felt much more stable and my overall balance was much better.”


ADHD, Kids with Special Needs, Learning Disabilities

  • “I Am Very Excited and Optimistic”- Jeanine

  • “We were able to close the gap in where he is currently performing and his age appropriate reading level. I am a working mother of a 9-year-old boy and a 12-year-old daughter. My son was having difficulty keeping up with the mainstream class in language arts and math and began receiving extra help through a school program about 3 years ago. After working with the teacher and his special assistance teacher I decided to begin having a tutor come to the home once a week to further solidify what he was learning in class. The tutor and I saw very little and slow development which had continued for 2 years. My tutor knew I was willing and able to try whatever was needed to help my son. She had met Mr. Amigo through a mutual colleague and believed that his program might be helpful for my son. We began doing his program about 9 months ago and over time I began seeing an improvement in his flow of reading. We have changed our eating habits somewhat and my son does simple easy exercises a couple of times a day. I am very excited and optimistic that we will be able to close the gap even more in where he is currently performing and his age appropriate reading level.”

  • “Amazing Responses Incredible Results and Just So Simple.” – Laura

  • “I came to Andrew because a friend, who’s also has special needs, recommended me.  My son was 6 years old and was having problems making eye contact, his communication was poor, had trouble making friends and socializing and his coordination was off.  I tried other therapies but was unsuccessful. I did not know what to do. I was very nervous, but anxious to try something that might work. When I first met Andrew, the thing that stood out was his passion for wanting to help and his passion for getting results.  The other thing that really stood out was in deep knowledge base. He seemed to really understand imbalances and how to use simple exercise nutrition, and supplements to get really good results. After several months of his program I am very pleased to say that my son can now make eye contact, his coordination has improved enough to start playing soccer, he is starting to make friends, and his speech is improved.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have met Andrew and to utilize his program.”

  • “Incredible Change in My Child”

  • [Our child] is the child we knew was in there, fighting to get out. We can breathe again. My 4-year-old son has been working with Andrew Amigo for 2 months. We have been struggling with our son’s behavioral issues for over 2 years. We were given multiple diagnoses: Autism (Asperger’s), Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). We had to switch schools because of multiple biting incidents that required a full-time employee to shadow our son all day at school. Once we switched schools his behavior improved at school, but our 2-year-old son and we, his parents and caregivers, continued to endure consistent daily incidents of biting, kicking, hitting and pushing—all of these—every day. Every single thing that happened, from him waking up in the morning to getting dressed to eating breakfast to changing his diaper to dressing to leave the house to getting in the car to strapping him in to arriving at a destination, was a major struggle complete with kicking, screaming, biting, hitting and throwing. Life became unbearable. The saddest part was seeing him so uncomfortable in his own skin. He had these lovely moments where we could see our son, but they were brief and all too rare. We eventually stopped all play dates, all parties (birthday and otherwise), all visits to the playground and parks and anywhere he might have an interaction with another child, including visits with his cousins and closest friends. We were at a loss and our life had come to a crushing halt—the worst part being that no one understood what we were going through, not even his therapists. To this day I’ve never met another child with the same issues that ours’ struggled with and I hope I never do.

  • I believe that a combination of intensive therapies including behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, craniosacral therapy, auditory brain stimulation (through ambient and rhythmic components), and naturopathy created an environment ripe for change in our son, but it was the work with Andrew that was the catalyst for that change. That brought them all together and repaired the damaged neurological connections that he needed to function as a happy, semi-independent human being. It has been two months and we can now have play dates from 30 minutes to an hour. He and his brother hold hands and tell each other how much they love each other. I can let him run in public settings with multiple other children and not have to be within arm’s reach. He is happier, softer, different—he is the child we knew was in there, fighting to get out. He is still quite often uncomfortable being touched, still hurts his brother and us, but much less often and with less intensity, and he no longer hurts other children for no reason. We can breathe again. We are taking it one day at a time because this is still new, and it will take longer than two months to heal our family. But we have made significant progress—progress we had dreamed of but stopped really believing was possible. And we have confidence that Andrew played a significant part in activating and accelerating this progress.



  • “I Realized [Andrew] was as Knowledgeable as Most Doctors” – Joanne

  • “I quickly realized that he was much more knowledgeable than any of the integrative doctors I had been working with. After meeting Andrew, I realized his work was very valuable.  Andrew was doing soft tissue work on my son Michael, who is a basketball player. Andrew not only did soft tissue on my son, but he advised him nutritionally as well as treated his two concussions. Before I met Andrew, I spent several years working with many different, integrative, holistic doctors, but was never satisfied with any of the results. My cholesterol was very high, and I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I hired Andrew as a consultant to review my lab reports and quickly realized that he was much more knowledgeable than any of the integrative doctors I had been working with. He made some nutritional suggestions as well as had me monitor my blood sugar levels, which led me to a gluten and dairy free diet. Since I began working with Andrew, I have a lot more energy and my cholesterol levels and thyroid symptoms continue to improve.”

  • “Quality of Life Improved Immediately!”

  • “I came to Andrew Amigo because I have Multiple Sclerosis.  I had trouble walking up the stairs and I would often be very fatigued.  Working with Andrew, he put me on a nutritional program to decrease common food sensitivities, he helped balance my immune system with specific supplements and he explained it was important to stimulate and exercise my brain because my brain helped communicate with my digestive system and getting my digestive system “moving” was extremely important. He explained a lot of my immune cells were near my digestive system wall.  After focusing on Andrew’s program, my energy levels improved significantly, and I was able to walk up and down stairs without any problems.”


Sports Injuries

  • “I can play without pain.”

  • “I am high school basketball player that had been suffering from pain in my knee.  My knee had been clicking for a long time. Working with Andrew, he helped me by increasing the range of motion in my ankles, strengthening my hips and balancing muscles around my knee, as I was able to get rid my knee pain.  I no longer have a click in my knee, and I feel so much more confident playing.”

  • “The pain behind my knee is gone.”

  • “I play football and I was constantly having pain behind my knee.  I went to see a specialist as well as I worked with several different rehab clinics, but I was still experiencing the pain.  Working with Andrew helped me increase the flexibility in my foot and ankle and helped strengthen some muscles in the inside of my quad and that took the knee pain completely away. I have always been an explosive athlete. However, Andrew has taught me how to move much better.”

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