Available Soon on iOS and Android

The Accomplished Brain,
Brain Exercise Software

  • Revolutionary Brain Exercise Software

  • 1 App

    1. Compatible with Apple iOS

    2. Compatible with Google Android

  • 6 different types of Brain Exercises

    1. Breathing Exercises

    2. Virtual Reality Vestibular Exercises

    3. Sound Exercises

    4. Visual Motor Imagery Exercises

    5. Eye Movements Exercises

    6. Eye Movements Exercises in Virtual Reality

  • Practitioner controls the settings on the exercises for their clients and can deliver their clients program in the App that is compatible with Apple IOS and Google Android

  • 2 Databases, keep track of brain exercise session and nutritional session

  • Analytical Reports

  • Scheduling System

  • Clients will also have an online dashboard

    1. They receive instructions on how to do their programs

    2. Can use some of the brain exercises

    3. Receive any progress reports

    4. Receive reminders about doing their program

    5. Their next appointment date with their practitioner