Using Subsets in an Activity

Start on "All Activities"


STEP 1: Check the desired activity


STEP 2: Click on assign activity


STEP 3: Once loaded, input the desired settings for Set #1


STEP 4: Then, click "Add Set"


STEP 5: The "Set 1" button will then appear at the top


STEP 6: You can now enter the settings for Set #2


STEP 7: Click "Add Set"


STEP 8: You will now see both Set 1 and Set 2 at the top


STEP 9: If you wish to edit a previously made set, first click on that set at the top


STEP 10: Then, change the desired settings


STEP 11: Click "Edit Set"


STEP 12: The popup window will appear, confirming that the set you selected has been updated with the new settings. Click "Close"


STEP 13: Once sets are created, you can freely toggle between them by clicking on the buttons at the top


STEP 14: Click "Set Settings" to continue, and proceed with normal activity creation steps

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