Creating Appointments for a Service

Start on the dashboard


STEP 1: Click on Menu


STEP 2: Click on Appointments


STEP 3: Click on "Create new appointment"


STEP 4: Click on the service box


STEP 5: Select the desired service


STEP 6: Type Appointment Name


STEP 7: Type Appointment Description


STEP 8: Click on the calendar button


STEP 9: Navigate to the desired month


STEP 10: Click on the desired day


STEP 11: Click on AM or PM


STEP 12: Click on the hour for the appointment, then click on the minutes for the appointment


STEP 13: Select the duration of the appointment


STEP 14: Click on “Appointment type”


STEP 15: Select appointment location


STEP 16: If desired, add a recurring setting to the meeting




STEP 18: Green box will appear in the bottom right corner

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