Creating a New Service for Appointments

Start on the dashboard


STEP 1: Click on Menu 


STEP 2: Click on Appointments 


STEP 3: Click on Services 


STEP 4: Type the name of service 


STEP 5: Type the description of the service 


STEP 6: Select which days are available for the service 

STEP 7: Click on "Start Time" 


STEP 8: Select the desired start time (in 24-hour time) 


STEP 9: Click on "End time" 


STEP 10: Select the desired end time (in 24-hour time) 


STEP 11: Click on Add schedule 


STEP 12: Click on "Appointment type" 


STEP 13: Select all options that apply to the service 


STEP 14: Click on "Duration" 


STEP 15: Select the desired time block 


STEP 16: Click on Select a user, and click on your name 


STEP 17: Click on "Create new service" 


STEP 18: Green box will appear in the bottom right to confirm 

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