Adding Feedback Questions to an Activity

Start on the "All Activities" Page

STEP 1 : Check the desired activity 


STEP 2 : Click on assign activity 


STEP 3 : Add desired settings as explained in previous guide 


STEP 4 : Click on Feedback 


STEP 5 : The feedback window will then pop up 


STEP 6 : You can select one of the premade questions by scrolling and clicking the circle on the right side of the screen 


STEP 7 : You can also filter with the text box on the top left 


STEP 8 : To create a custom question, click on “Customized” 


STEP 9 : Click on the plus sign 


STEP 10 : Enter question in the text box 


STEP 11 : Select one of the 4 response options 


STEP 12 : Selection and dropdown will let you enter preset options to select from


STEP 13 : Write box and % bar will leave the answer open to the patient 


STEP 14 : Click on Add Question to confirm 


STEP 15 :  Your question will now appear. Click “Close” 


STEP 16 :  You will see your current number of questions at the top. The maximum is 5 


STEP 17 : Click on “Finish” to exit 


STEP 18 : Proceed with setting the settings and confirming like a regular activity" as outlined in the previous guide 

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