My Revolutionary Approach Looks At Five Things

  • Through exercise evaluation looks at specific areas of the brain that are an issue like the frontal lobe.
  • What side needs more exercise stimulation the left or right brain and correcting the asymmetries.
  • How those specific areas fatigue.
  • If those areas fatigue with exercises then how to use other areas by using specific exercises that target other areas and those other areas will connect, communicate and help the target area.
  • Finally, with all that we take in account to develop a specific program with each client for their specific condition.

Practice of working with Clients

The Accomplished Brain is Neuro Exercise Practice that helps clients create balance in their brain and nervous system. Clients who have benefitted from my program have had the following: Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Balance Disorders, Movement Disorders, Memory Disorders, Strokes, Parkinson, Kids with ADHD, Kids with Learning Disabilities, Autoimmune Conditions, POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia), and ALS and Sports Injuries.

The Accomplished Brain’s program uses sensory exercises like eye movements, head movements, limb movements, light, sound, smell, which is designed to create balance in the brain, the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system through Vagal Nerve exercises which will help decrease inflammation in the immune system, and help to improve digestion and a Revolutionary Brain Exercise Software that delivers clients their brain exercise programs through an App on their phone.

Our filosofy

Our Process


  • History

    • Current and past Diagnosis from their Doctor

    • Current and past symptoms

    • Family History of diseases

    • Digestion/Sleep/Immune System

    • Current Medications

    • Current Supplements

    • Current Nutrition

      • Breakfast

      • Lunch

      • Dinner

      • Snacks


  • Evaluation

    • Evaluation consists of a series of exercise evaluations that can give windows of function of different parts of the brain and nervous system.

    • Some of the exercise evaluations look at

      • Head Posture

      • Eye movements

      • Coordination

      • Balance

      • Walking


  • Clinical Exercise Trial

    • Each client has a uniqueness about them. Their own uniqueness means that each client even though their case can be similar they can respond differently to what exercises and how to do each exercise.

    • During the clinical exercise trial, I will be trying different exercises, varying the exercises slightly and then retesting to determine which exercises will get the best results for each client for that moment for their case.

  • Specific Targeted Program

    • After going through the clinical exercise trial for that session and determining each client’s specific but very targeted program I will teach the client how to do their program.

    • The client will then have a list of exercises and exact instructions on how to do their program so the client can do their program and be ready for the next session.

  • Progressive Follow Ups

    • Consists of understanding how each client is doing.

    • Any challenges the client is having.

    • Re-evaluation, doing another clinical exercise trial to see how to progress the client’s program to determine the changes to make in their program.

  • Full Resolution

    • The goal is helping each client to achieve 80% or more resolution.

    • Each client’s case takes time to allow each progression to work and time to keep figuring out the client’s next progression.

  • Remote Sessions

    • Clients have the option to see me in my office in Fort Lee.

    • 80% of my clients see me remotely on Zoom or Facetime.

Rehabilitation FAQ

  • Do you take insurance?

    • No, sorry, I do not take insurance

  • My program is set to help all economic backgrounds

  • What are your monthly packages?

    • No commitment

    • Can cancel anytime

    • Can change packages at anytime

    • $150 a month

      • 1 session for the month

      • $150 a session

    • $250 a month

      • 2 sessions for the month

      • $125 a session

    • $400 a month

      • 4 sessions for the month

      • $100 a session

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    • Payment is due for the month

    • Cash, Check

    • Visa

    • MasterCard

    • Discover

    • American Express

  • How often do you see clients?

    • 1 time a month

    • 2 times a month

    • 4 times a month

  • How long is the rehab?

    • Depends on the cases

    • Medium case

      • 2-3 months

    • Hard Case

      • 4-10 months

    • Extreme Hard Case

      • 1-2 years

  • Do I recommend supplements

    • I do recommend supplements and they are from the highest-grade supplement companies

  • How do I get started to work with you?

    • Contact me through phone or email to schedule an appointment

    • Appointments are offered in my office in Fort Lee

    • Appointments are offered remotely through Zoom or Facetime

  • How do I know if I am getting better?

    • Your evaluations will be getting better

      • Head Posture

      • Eye Movements

      • Coordination

      • Balance

      • Walking

  • How do I get in touch with Andrew?

    • Email-

    • Will respond within 24 hrs

call us at  +1 (646) 932-1010

or schedule an appointment click here

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