Memory Disorders

  • Memory problems can happen with any Neuro- Degenerative condition. Memory problems commonly happen with Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

  • The frontal and parietal lobe are responsible for short term memory.

  • In my experience exercises I see that can help memory are head movements which usually can prime the memory areas, then progress to eye tracking with taking the targets away but having the client continue to have their eyes track the target even though the target is no longer there. The eyes moving to targets that do not move but disappear and reappear in a new still position can help a lot and then finally the eyes moving to the opposite area of where the target is which activates directly the frontal lobe and the dorsal lateral pre-frontal cortex and these areas of the brain are responsible for attention, focus and short term memory. All the eye movements can be accomplished using my Brain Exercise Software. Another exercise that can help memory is using smells.