Balance Disorders

  • Balance Disorders can come by itself or it can come from another condition like Concussions, Strokes, Parkinson etc...

  • People who have balance disorders it is really important to look at where the brain is perceiving themselves and to look at their visual system.

  • These first level brain degeneration their brain’s will perceive them falling backward. This is important because their head movements are dominant going back which is one of the reasons, they have tightness in their neck muscles and their eyes will be dominant going down.

  • Clients with these cases, it is important to exercise their eyes up, move their head down. In the beginning with the head movements it is important to see if the client is better moving their head with their eyes open or closed. Another important point is if the client can handle exercises with their eyes open does the client do head movements or just eye tracking which the client’s eyes move but not their head. The sound exercises on my Brain Exercise Software can help a lot with clients who have balance disorders.