Auto Immune Conditions

  • Auto Immune conditions are conditions when the immune system mistakenly thinks a tissue or tissues in the body is foreign and the immune system starts to attack its own tissue.

  • Some of the common Auto Immune conditions are Hashimoto’s Thyroid, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease.

  • Andrew Amigo, Founder of The Accomplished Brain has a very effective approach to working with clients who have Auto Immune Conditions. His approach is to exercise the Brain, and with nutrition and supplements to support the Gut and Immune System and using this approach can help clients to improve a lot. With these clients, Andrew is trying to figure out what foods the client reacts to then puts them on a very targeted antigen elimination nutrition that limits the amount of exposure to those foods that can cause the immune system to react. Andrew recommends specific targeted supplements like fish oil, vitamin d, curcumin and glutathione that helps to create balance in the immune system. He also looks at specific foods that create a balance in the gut microbiome as well as supplements to help improve digestive function.

  • Andrew’s effective approach also looks at exercising the brain and ultimately exercising the Vagus Nerve in the brainstem. The Vagus Nerve is responsible for helping the digestive system and research shows that exercising the Vagus nerve can help improve the immune’s inflammatory response. His approach looks at different types of exercises for the Vagus Nerve like breathing exercises, humming, gargling and using a TENS Unit exercises the auricular branch of the Vagus Nerve.

  • Andrew has found that doing head movements, and eye movements can help improve the Vagus Nerve which can help with Autoimmune Conditions. These exercises can be accomplished through Andrew’s Brain Exercise Software.