June 4, 2017

Practice of Working with Clients

The Accomplished Brain is an integrated holistic health practice that uses brain training, nutrition, supplements, and essential oils to create synergy in the brain, nervous system, and nutritional system. By creating such balance, results have proven to benefit people with ADHD, learning disabilities, children with special needs, concussions, vertigo, balance disorders, autoimmunity and other nutritional deficiencies.

A health history analysis helps to put the puzzle together in hand with the in-depth evaluation. The evaluation includes balance, eye movements, coordination, walking pattern as well any health related issues and clients’ current nutritional plan. The evaluation helps to identify what areas of the brain are weak so we can determine the appropriate exercises to help heal the brain.

The program includes sensory exercises which are (eye exercises, light, sound, vestibular balance, and limb movements). If the brain is showing fatigue with exercises in the weak area, we use other exercises in other parts of the brain to help stimulate the problem area. In addition to the brain training exercises, we integrate nutritional guidance, supplement and young? living essential oil recommendations to further enhance the healing of the brain.


If there is not enough integrity in the weak area we can use another area to exercise which will still help weak area but at a lesser rate

Root Cause of Problems = Imbalance in the Brain

An imbalance in the brain is the root cause of nearly all client issues. By correcting the area that is imbalanced, it allows the brain to help heal itself. Each program is specifically designed and is based upon the client evaluation and history analysis. In our experience, exercising the weaker side of the brain has shown to allow the brain to become more symmetric and ultimately creates balance, which leads to healing.