June 5, 2017

Educational Resource Success Stories

Geoff: Neuro Therapist

“…I have been implementing the Accomplished Brain’s concepts for the last year. It has helped me get into new markets such as Concussions, Parkinson’s, and Balance Disorders. These opportunities have helped improve my reputation as a therapist and, in turn, help grow my practice…”


Don: Chiropractor

“…The Accomplished Brain’s Functional Neuroscience is a great way to improve how the brain functions.  By understanding where the primary weakness are, being able to see how one’s brain fatigues, and understanding how all the structures are connected I can now make simple interventions that can make incredible improvements for my clients…”


Jersey: Chiropractor

The Accomplished Brain Functional Neuroscience courses is a must for anyone who is in the rehab industry.  These courses will especially help practitioners improve their outcomes of brain cases like concussions. Andrew practiced in my office for 2 years getting incredible results.  I highly recommend these courses to help any practitioner in order to improve their outcomes and grow their practices


John: Physical Therapist

I am been a physical therapist who has worked with vestibular and balance disorders.  I felt I wanted a program that would help increase my results.  I was blown away with the depth of the Core Concepts in Functional Neuroscience course.  I got to understand how things were connected which allowed me to implement simple exercises to help get extremely good results.  I highly recommend this program.