June 8, 2017

Educational Resource

Our resources are designed to educate through our courses and our podcast learning.  Our model helps the practitioner utilize Skype and FaceTime to see their clients. It also helps the practitioner through our outreach system manage each session and deliver programs to their clients. The system is designed to help the practitioner analyze the progress of each client to effectively change the programs to consistently see client improvement.


We have 3 courses, Core Concepts in Functional Neuroscience, Advanced Concepts in Functional Neuroscience and Advanced Functional Medicine for the Brain.

Podcast Learning

Our Podcast’s are designed to help the practitioner further implement our concepts into Functional Neuroscience.  We also use the Podcast’s to introduce some of the latest research and some new concepts. The Podcasts keep the practitioners updated with latest developments and interesting facts from The Accomplished Brain. The Accomplished Brain’s podcasts provide up to date information on new tendencies, developments, and news related to advance functional neuroscience.


Our client outreach system is designed to help the client be as efficient as possible with each session and get the best results they can.  This system will be able to analyze the clients exercise program, their progress as well as their nutrition.  The system will have built-in reporting so practitioners can relay the progress to their clients.  The system will give the practitioner the ability to deliver programs to their clients with videos of the exercises, a special dot program for eye movements, and specific nutritional program.

Attracting new remote clients using Facetime and Skype

Over the last several years The Accomplished Brain has been able to expand business operations by tapping into new markets using Facetime and Skype.  The traditional model for health care is the practitioner attracting clients from a 30-mile radius. With an influx of health practitioners in the last 20 years the market competing for the same type of business, in the same area, has become saturated.  Through our educational courses, our client outreach system, and the ability to use Facetime and Skype practitioners will open up a pool of clients and attract new markets.


Introducing  “Core Concepts of Functional Neuroscience”


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