June 5, 2017

Current and Future Courses

Core Concepts in Functional Neuroscience

The Goal – The goal of the course is to give practitioners concepts and applications in the world of Functional Neuroscience. This foundation will allow practitioners to extend their reach to those suffering from Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson, Stroke, Balance disorders, kids with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Kids with Special Needs.  This course consists of 9 hours of video, 7 hours of lecture videos, 2 hours of demonstration videos, a 400-page manual with 169 unique diagrams and algorithm to help practitioners make their current model more efficient.

Introduction – A brief explanation of the world of Functional Neuroscience.

Receptors and Communication – Understanding pathways at the chemical and electrical level.

Neuroscience Model – Infrastructure of the Neuraxis and how each layer interacts. This model will introduce basic treatment principles.

Cerebellum – Understanding Cerebellum’s impact as a Neuro-mechanical component as well biomechanically

Vestibular System – Breaking down the Brain’s reaction to activation of ear canals, head movements, and eye movements.

Eyes – A comprehensive look at the chain reaction simple pursuits, saccades, vertical and horizontal eye movements can have on the brain.

Evaluation – A system of tests that will reveal damaged underactive, overactive areas of the Neuraxis.

Clinical Application – Functional programming for practitioners.

Nutrition – An introduction to how diet and supplements can assist in the recovery process.

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Advanced Functional Medicine for the Brain

Deeper level of how nutritional systems that help heal the brain


Advanced Concepts in Functional Neuroscience

Advanced concepts in Cerebellum, Vestibular, Eyes, Movement Disorders, Trigeminal Nerve, Vagus Nerve and Hypoglossal Nerve stimulation with an Advanced algorithm for Concussions.


What is Next for The Accomplished Brain?

  1. We are developing a new Software Management System with the following features.
  2. Outreach tools for new client
  3. Management of client sessions
  4. Analytical reports showing how well clients are doing with their programs
  5. Specific eye dot program
  6. Deliverable program with video clips of all exercises
  7. Nutritional information Analysis
  8. Specific food programs