September 7, 2018

Head Injuries

Head Injuries are also commonly called Traumatic Brain Injuries.  These types of injuries can cause problems like, memory, headaches, balance problems, attention, focus, processing, brain fog, fatigue and motor skills issues

Head injuries can be challenging to rehab.  Clients tend to have multiple areas of the brain that are affected.  The other challenging part of rehab with these types of condition is fatigue.  These clients tend to fatigue very fast.  Understanding what types of rehab, the client can handle is very important with working with these cases.

Andrew Amigo, Founder of The Accomplished Brain, has an in-depth understanding of how the brain and nervous system work. He also has an incredible understanding of how all structures connect together. With this unique knowledge and understanding, Andrew can help his clients a lot.  Andrew’s evaluation process coupled with his experience and knowledge allows him to understand what areas are intact and how to activate those areas first which will allow those areas to communicate with the areas of issue without fatiguing.  This critical understanding has allowed Andrew to help a lot of clients who have had head injuries.

Andrew has helped a lot of clients benefit from head injuries.  I had a major accident and had a traumatic brain injury which affected by balance, cognition, speech and walking.  After seeing Andrew, he noticed my body’s perception was completely off.  His simple, but very specific and targeted exercises were able to help improve my balance, cognition, speech and walking.  I feel I have improved so much”.