January 26, 2017


Educational Courses

The Accomplished Brain is an educational resource, and exercise rehabilitation company.  Our educational resources helps current practitioners like Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and Strength Coaches to utilize concepts in Functional Neuroscience to improve the efficiency in their current practice model. This resource will attract new markets such as Concussions, Balance Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Strokes, Parkinson, Kids with ADHD and Kids with Special Needs.

Our resources consist of our Main Course: Core Concepts in Functional Neuroscience along with 2 advanced Courses: Advanced Concepts in Functional Neuroscience and Advanced Functional Medicine-Nutrition for the Brain. We also integrate Podcast Learning, which is a platform to apply step-by- step integration of concepts in Functional Neurosciences into real cases. The Podcast Learning will also deliver the latest research articles with clinical applications that can help practitioners apply to their practice.  In addition to the Podcast Learning we help practitioners utilize using Skype and Facetime with their clients and our own unique client Outreach System

Core Concepts in Functional Neuroscience Course: This is our foundational course in Functional Neuroscience.  This course will deliver an exciting new approach for practitioners working with their clients. The course will introduce the Functional Neuroscience model as well as key foundations like Receptors, Concepts in Fatigability, Cerebellum, Vestibular System, the Eyes, Evaluation Protocol, Nutrition, and Clinical Applications for working with clients.  The course will also offer Case Studies and an Algorithm to help practitioners to utilize Functional Neuroscience to help improve the efficiency of their current model in orthopedic cases.

Core Concepts in Functional Neuroscience
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