September 3, 2018


Concussions have been a growing area of concern with all populations of clients.  Concussions have been growing in a number of sports like Football, Hockey, Soccer as well as older population that has balance issues sometimes suffer from concussions

Some of the common symptoms of concussions are memory problems, headaches, nausea, balance programs, decreased attention, decreases focus.

Andrew Amigo, Founder of The Accomplished Brain has very effective approach to working with clients who have concussions.  Andrew’s ability to understand the nervous system and how all areas are connected.  Using the premise that all areas are connected and when one area fatigues using Andrew’s program he can design exercises that can target other areas that can have a profound effect on the problem area that help clients regain their function.  Andrew’s has an incredible ability to get the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system back online like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and digestion.

Andrew’s program has helped many clients recover from Concussions.  “I suffered a Concussion after a bad fall on ice. I used to have a photographic memory but lost most of it in the fall. I had headaches, problems with memory, focus, and attention. After working with Andrew, I regained my focus and am now able to sit down and focus on writing papers for school. I also regained the majority of my photographic memory.