One amazing email changed my whole practice working with Concussions and rehabbing the brain

In May in 2015 I worked with a kid who had special needs.  At that time most of my clients came to my office and occasionally I would do an in-home appointment.  I worked with kid who had special needs and I had a lot of success with him.  He improved his attention, his speech, his coordination and cognitive function all improved.  After working with the kid, the mother was kind enough to have a nice post on website and blog and I received an email from a lady in Australia asking if I can work with their kid and their friend’s kid through Facetime and Skype.  Up until that moment I never worked with any client like that.  I decided to give it a try and I had lots of success with both kids.

Before that experience my evaluation was much longer.  However, I can to make modifications to my evaluation to get my information while I was not in the same room as the client.  I saw by refining my evaluation I was much more efficient, and I can easily pinpoint where the client’s problems in the brain and nervous system.  I realized if I can normalize my refined evaluation with each client their function would improve a lot and they would feel so much better.

Fast forward 3 years later and 80% of my business with working with rehabbing the brain and concussions I do over Facetime.  I have been getting even better results over the last year than ever.  I enjoy this process because it is so efficient and convenient for both me and the client.  It also gives the clients much more flexibility with their appointments.  With working with clients over Facetime, I have helped a student at the Air Force Academy who had a bad Concussion and was an A student before her Concussion and then became C and D Student and in 6 weeks I was able to help her turn her semester around where she finished her Semester with A’s and B’s.  I also rehabbed an NFL player who had a Concussion, a Former NBA player that had a Concussion and I did this all through this Facetime model.

Through this Facetime Model I have been able to help so many people and I want to become even more efficient with this model that I am currently developing a whole software to be able to deliver clients their programs through an app.  In October of 2018 I will be starting to use this revolutionary software with my clients.

It is so amazing how 1 email changed my practice so much and has been able to help so many people to improve their health.


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